The Samurai and the Zen Master

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The Samurai and the Zen MasterA Samurai Warrior went to a Zen Master for instruction.

“Master I would like to know if Heaven and Hell really exists?” he asked.

The teacher on hearing his request broke into Mocking Laughter.

“You would like to know about Heaven and Hell? don’t be ridiculous, just look at your self, your fat you are uneducated and you are uncouth, what teacher in his right mind would invest his time in the likes of you?  Go back to your camp and practice your silly exercises!” 

With that the teacher turned his back on the Samurai and ignored him. The Samurai became enraged, his face turned red, he began to breath heavily and he drew his sword, ready to chop off the Masters head with his next breath.

Just as the sword was about to fall, the Master turned around smoothly and calmly told him, “That sir is Hell.”

The Samurai stopped cold and realised the profoundness of the Masters teaching.  He saw instantly how he had created his own hell, through pride and anger, immediately he fell at the Masters feet in humble reverence.  

The Master looked down at him, lifted the Samurai’s head and quietly said, “And that sir is Heaven.”

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