“The effect of yoga continues on after the session”

July 17, 2011 · 0 comments

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I returned to yoga after a couple of years break while I undertook other pursuits. I came back now with the knowledge that no other activity gives my mind and body the same benefit that yoga brings. The effect of yoga continues on after the session and compared to going to the gym, I look forward to the next session with eagerness to test my body’s strengths and limitations, in the safety of Paul’s teaching.

The effects of yoga are immediate in a subtle sense – there is no stress on the mind or body in fact the opposite, there is a sense of happiness because I feel wonderful, calm yet energised and full of life. After a couple of years of low activity levels (studying at university) yoga has been a gentle way of increasing physical activity and I feel full of energy once again. I smile more too (inside and out 🙂 xx

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