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A Student profile: (Hazel Jolly)

What was your starting point?
I have been an asthmatic from birth having received no medication that really helped until I was 75. I also inherited an unnatural curvature of the spine and over the last four years have been visiting a chiropractor on a monthly basis hoping to control any further deterioration.

Actions taken:
Starting Tai Chi and Qigong classes:  My first encounter with Paul and Chinese exercising was at my local Day Care Centre, where I attended an open day for parents and carers. After a brief introductory talk about Chinese exercising for health and its benefits (Tai Chi / Qigong) Paul lead a group of about 25 of us (who were totally new to this kind of exercise), through some gentle stretching and breathing Tai Chi and Qigong moves which I found were just at the right level for us all. The exercises that we did left me feeling fantastic, as a result I enquired if there were classes suitable for me to attend in the Warrington area (that was September 2007, when I was 80 yrs old). It turned out that Paul’s Thursday evening class in Warrington was ideal for me. This is a warm and friendly class where you enjoy learning and where you don’t feel out of place. Over the following months with Paul’s help and guidance I learned a wonderful healthy exercise practice called Shibashi and even learned how to meditate, which have worked wonders on both my breathing and my body.

The stretching exercises which the chiropractor prescribed are very similar to the exercises which we do at Paul’s classes; I have found that the Tai Chi and Qigong exercises have helped to keep me very active despite my advancing years. Since starting Tai Chi and Qigong exercising the chiropractor has commented just how much more flexible my spine has become and that my balance is now remarkable.

Is there anything still to achieve?
Yes, after practicing Tai Chi and Qigong exercises for now 5 ½ years and having had my medication for asthma reduced from using inhalers, during both the night time and morning to only once a day and my back is now feeling better than ever before. I can-not recommend these classes highly enough; they are brilliant and make you feel great.

Note: Christmas 2017, 
Hazel is still attending a Friday morning class and is still loving it.


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