Lian Gong, Shi-Ba-Fa Qigong:

January 3, 2014 · 2 comments

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     New for January 2014 – Lian Gong Qigong Shi Ba Fa 

Movement shown demonstrated is “Spread Wings and Inhale” 3rd movement from the 3rd set of  Lian Gong Shi-Ba-Fa Qigong.

The movement shown above has many wonderful healthy benefits these include: Exercise of the diaphragm muscle, expands the chest and abdomen muscles -making breathing more deep, increasing pulmonary ventilation and oxygen exchange, helps improve the cardio-respiritory functions so to harmonize the spleen and the stomach, promoting blood flow and improved functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

If you too would like to learn this unique health Qigong exercises then book your place! Classes for these wonderful health and fitness Qigong exercises will be commencing January 2014 in Warrington.


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1 gloria alexander December 15, 2017 at 7:51 pm

Can you please tell me if there is a Lian Gong class near my area of Chadwell heath Romford Essex UK.
Thank you


2 Paul December 18, 2017 at 1:01 pm

Thank you very much for your enquiry….

Am not sure about that one as am based in North West UK,
but will look into it for you see I can help.


Gloria Alexander

Paul, Thank you for your email. I will find the information you provided very useful.
I actually practiced tai Chi for about twenty years with the International Tai Chi society and taught as well. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s as well as having osteoarthritis in my knees I gave it up for some eight years now. Although the training practice of the form was based around a deeper understanding of the body and mind I am well aware that as a student it would not be enough for my health limitations due to the lack of knowledge gained by most local tutors about most health issues. I understand how Qigong works at a deeper level as well as how practicing the complete form is helpful to mind and body in my case. Local classes of Qigong are thin on the ground unfortunately and I can’t travel far.

I loved working in a group and sharing the experience especially when being taught by the more knowledgeable tutors from China and the Canadian head office. I have a right hand tremor and even though I feel vulnerable and weaker currently compared to my strength and abilities previously I was hoping to find somebody who understood the body at a deeper level other than just learning Tai Chi (of course I am not dismissing the health benefits of that process)

Thank you again for the information.

Regards Gloria


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