Tai Chi Demonstration in Warrington:

July 1, 2011 · 0 comments

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    (The Old Market Place) 

     At the Launch of DAD 2011 (Disability awareness day)
               Saturday 2nd July, 2.10-2.30pm

  To be held in “The Old Market Place”, Warrington Town centre.

Join us for this, the first of 7 Free Tai Chi demonstrations that “The Warrington Tai Chi and Qigong Centre” will be doing. Here is your chance to get some serious chilling out done, with some wonderful flowing gentle stretching moves (safe enough for all to join), We are planning to be on centre stage for about 20 minutes starting prompt at 2.10pm.

So if you have ever wondered how does doing Tai Chi make you feel? or what does it do for you? then here is your chance to find out, we will be starting prompt at 2.10pm for the first of 7 Free demonstration sessions that the Tai Chi ~ Qigong Centre will be doing during July 2011.

If you prefer just to watch what we are doing and take it all in, then come along and see us, have a chat. If you then would like to learn about what you have watching then maybe some special offers could just tempt you to try a class or two, it may possibly be just what you need to change your life for the better…


For details of other Free Tai Chi sessions contact me for  further information.

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