With Hatha Yoga “I felt calm, relaxed and more centred”

May 9, 2014 · 1 comment

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Hatha Yoga on a Monday evening, Friday morning – Warrington

I have only recently started to attend Hatha Yoga sessions with Paul, but so far, I have enjoyed his classes very much. I have lived in Asia on and off for around four years and although my experience of yoga there has been quite limited, it was important to find something back here other than a very Westernised gym-style yoga: something more than just a workout or exercise routine.

After Monday night’s class at Bold Street, I felt very calm, relaxed and more centred and I particularly enjoyed the long period of breathing, meditation and relaxation. The level was ideal for me as I have become a little rusty and seized up of late: it was calmly paced, not too strenuous and everyone was free to take each pose to their own limit.

Friday’s class at Loushers Lane was even more relaxed and I particularly enjoyed some tea at the end with the rest of the group. I thought that was a lovely idea and it gave me a chance to talk to Paul about his experiences and to learn more about the benefits of some of the other practices he teaches.

I am very glad to have found these classes as they are super warm and friendly and feel very much in tune with what I was looking for. They have created a space for me back home in the UK that resonates with some of my time abroad in very different cultures, which is of great comfort. I look forward to continuing to develop a personal yoga journey through learning with Paul.

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1 Martin Halstead June 5, 2014 at 10:15 am

Runcorn and Halton Dementia Group, aka “The Lunch Bunch”

What attendee’s said about their Tai Chi session on 27 May 2014.

* Lovely afternoon which left me feeling composed.
* At peace with my thoughts and relaxed to face whatever faces me tonight.
* Very relaxing and enjoyable.
* Excellent class.
* Feel relaxed, calm, sleepy. Looking forward to Pauls next visit. Wonderful.
* Really enjoyed the session.
* Left us feeling relaxed & calm.Looking forward to the next session.
* Felt sleepy and relaxed. Really enjoyed the Tai Chi.
* Felt very calm and sleepy.
* Very relaxing and peaceful.
* Enjoyable, relaxation at end was wonderful.
* a real tonic when you have been through a load of stress.
* Enjoyed today,
* Feel relaxed and definitely been exercised, Can’t wait to do it again.
* The patting exercise left me feeling tingling.
* Felt so sleepy at the end I even yawned. Totally relaxed.
* Calming, at peace with myself.

It was enjoyed by the whole group. We are all looking forward to the next session. Many thanks from the Lunch Bunch.


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