Tai Chi as part of the spiritual journey

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My Tai Chi Qigong experience, with the Warrington Tai Chi Qigong class and Paul:

Having been an athlete during my young life, then trying various sport and exercise groups, having been a busy Mum of two and an even busier career person; at 64 years old I joined the Tai Chi class as part of my spiritual journey.

The gentle exercises in the class focus on the ‘breath’. For me, it creates a sense of calm and well-being. The systematic approach to posture and forms gently stretches your joints and muscles while you concentrate on breathing. The breath and movement raises the body energy or Chi. The exercises help with flexibility, improved blood circulation and transforms your mind and spirit to be happy, healthy and abundant.

The practice of Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial art, has enriched my life, and taught me to be more reflective of life and all things around me, embracing tolerance and clarity of situations thus being able to cope with life every day.

The class is taught in a warm friendly atmosphere overlooking the Mersey Canal. The flight of water- birds and flow of water deepens the whole experience of the Tai Chi class. Personal attention is given to posture and movement, encouraging each one to practice various movements for their benefit.

I highly recommend this form of exercise for anyone, any age, any ability, interested in finding calm and stress relieve in one’s life.
Philomena Mann

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