Path to  perfection: A long time student told the master that he felt he was close to becoming enlightened. “Have you been practicing a long time?” asked the master. “Yes, master“ replied the student. “Have you been diligent in your work?” inquired the master. “Oh yes, master. Very much so“said the student. “One final question […]

 If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon  in a perfectly useless manner:  You have learned how to live!

 The Teacher: A new student had come to a temple and been rude, arrogant, and disruptive. After a week, he told the master that he was leaving. “You are an absolutely horrible teacher, the worst ever!” exclaimed the student. The master smiled and said “It is a shame you are leaving, you are a wonderful one.”

Keep things simple!! The Master asked a new student;  “Where are you from?” The student fidgeted and said “I am from an emptiness created by form. “Most interesting, I am from Hunan Province” replied the Master.

  The Mastery of Life               The way to use life, is to do nothing through acting. The way to use life, Is to do everything through being.

   The Monk and the novice:- An elderly monk was strolling along a quiet country lane in the gentle sunshine approaching from the other direction was a young trainee monk. Upon meeting each other and after going through the usual ritual of acknowledging each other in the usual manner, the trainee monk enquired “please can […]

  A traveller passing through the Country side Came upon an elderly gentleman who was busy planting a tiny almond tree. Knowing that almond trees take many years to mature, he commented to the man “Sir It seems odd that a man of your advanced age would plant such a slow-growing tree!”. The man replied […]


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  Zen Saying:   If you need to climb a mountain, Start at the top.