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Zhan-Zhuang Chi KungStand Still and Enter

The “neijing” is a book on internal medicine written more than 2,000 years ago. It recommends “stand still and enter meditation” as a means of keeping fit. Zhan-Zhuang, a system of Chi Kung internal energy exercise, consists of different practices while using a combination of relaxed static postures, deep natural breathing and a concentrated mind.

For thousands of years the Chinese have searched for an answer in order to achieve longevity and inner peace. Originally standing still exercises were used in secret by martial art masters in order to strengthen their sinews and develop physical fitness. It was then found that the practice of standing still benefited not only one’s body but also one’s mental well-being to a significant degree. Zhan-Zhuang leaves you feeling calm, clear minded, centered and energised.

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