Simplified Taijiquan 24

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Simplified Taijiquan 24 Forms24 Forms

Taijiquan is one of the most widely practiced and best known Tai Chi routines across the world. The 24 combined forms of Taiji was created as a standard practice routine. Introduced to the Chinese public in 1956 this contains movements which are derived from the longer and more complex 88 Yang Style Tai Chi routine.

The simplified Taiji in 24 forms is a pattern of movements which can be learnt without having to devote many long hours to training. It develops and supports health and fitness of both the mind and body while gently opening, massaging, relaxing and stretching. This also promotes harmony between body and mind. Practice this routine on its own or in conjunction with the previous 8 and 16 Tai Chi routines.

Practice routines in any order, create your own longer Tai Chi session or just perform a looped practice for as long session as you like, allowing you to practice sequences over and over. Since its introduction to the public there have been many medical assessments and evaluations of Tai Chi showing the positive effect which Tai Chi has on both the mind and body.

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