Lian Gong, Shi-Ba-Fa (Qigong)

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Lian Gong Shi-Ba-Fa QigongWarrington Tai Chi Centre’s Paul Houghton is one of only a handful of people qualified to teach this style of Qigong in the UK. Find out more information here.

This is a comprehensive set of health exercises based on traditional Chinese medicine and directed at relieving physical stress and pain while encouraging flexibility and toning. Liangong is unique in that within the various postures, a deeper stretch is formed by combining both an isolation of specific targeted areas with enhanced breathing and a unique stretching of the spine that encourages centering and a straighter more upright posture.

Consisting of 54 special exercises which are divided into 3 practice routines of 18 exercises each, Lian Gong Shi-Ba-Fa is viewed as being a revolutionary aid in combating stress in the modern workplace (China/Japan’s corporate world).

Developed in China by Dr Zhuang Yuan Ming in the 1970’s (a famous doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Trauma Specialist and healing bone and Massage therapy), Lian Gong Shi-Ba-Fa is now practiced by millions of people worldwide as part of their regular morning workout.

It helps to combat modern forms of physical stress, promote deep natural breathing and maximum stretching, working on acupuncture points and meridians using a combination of Dao-Yin exercises, Tuina (Chinese massage) ancient Wushu and Qigong exercises.


Lian Gong Qian Shi Ba Fa – Routine number 1

The first eighteen exercises for the prevention and treatment of pain in the neck, shoulders, waist and legs.

Lian Gong Hou Shi Ba Fa – Routine number 2

The second eighteen set of exercises for the prevention and treatment of pain in the joints of the extremities, tenosynovitis, tennis elbow and internal organ disorder.

Lian Gong Xu Shi Ba Fa “Yi Chi Kung” – Routine number 3

The third set of eighteen exercises is for the treatment of bronchitis, week cardio-respiratory function & the strengthening of the inner energy (Qi).

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