World Tai Chi Day in Warrington a huge success

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World Tai Chi in the Park Day a Free event held once a year in various Countries and venues across the world during the weekend of April 24th/25th 2010.

The aim of these events is to promote the practice of Tai Chi along with its many health benefits. Tai Chi (pronounced as tie-chee) is a Chinese system of healthy exercising along with another 5,000 year old ancient Chinese health system of exercising called Qigong (pronounced as chee-gong)

World Tai Chi Day in Warrington

Here in Warrington I organised people from my existing classes (Warrington Tai Chi Qigong Centre) to come and join the annual fun day, with a request to bring any new people along either to watch or better still join in with the activities.

By the time 10am came around there were around 20 people eager to start doing some Tai Chi  exercises with ages ranging from just 9 to 80 yrs plus. Some who joined in were totally new to this type of healthy exercising while others were from a background of either several months to several years experience.

The day started with a brief introduction and cautions, followed by everyone joining in with some simple warm up practice, this lasted for about 25 minutes followed by a short walk about and chat to each other. 

After the break we all came back together to do a wonderful routine of movements called simply Shibashi or often referred to as the 18 exercises of Tai Chi Qigong. This took  around 20 minutes to complete followed by a second break where people shared notes on how they felt!

When we all returned we were joined by a number of onlookers and thoughts then turned to Tai Chi practice. We ran through several different short routines but kept it simple enough for all to follow along (without anyone getting the feeling they were out of their depth).  After several rounds of practice another break was taken, followed be a second performance of the Shibashi (18 Tai Chi Qigong), which brought us to the end of our two hour slot on a delightful sunny World Tai Chi Day in Palmyra Square, Warrington     

Everyone who attended said that they felt so chilled out and brilliantly relaxed and well exercised. My aim for the day was to give everyone who joined in a pleasing experience which they could take away and use later when needed.

For anyone who missed out on World Tai Chi Day, I have arranged a second Free Tai Chi session over at Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden on May 9th from 13.00 hrs, there are even tea and scones available on the day, we just need to book the sun again!

So if you feel that you want a piece of the action, May 9th at Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden or if you can’t wait till then and would like to know what you have been missing then I run regular weekly day and evening Tai Chi classes across Warrington.

For details have a look at our timetable for Tai Chi Classes in Warrington.

What the participants thought:

Glenis: Tai Chi in the park, fresh air, sunshine and gentle exercise truly invigorating.

Jeanette: I enjoyed Sunday immensely (World Tai Chi Day) it was brilliant everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and all joined in.

Carol: Enjoyed Sunday and Tai Chi Day very much, doing Tai Chi outdoors is very nice and very different to my usual indoor practice.

Lynn: A great sunny day to celebrate “World Tai Chi Day” in Palmyra Square Gardens Warrington. We even had members of the public joining in with us.  What a great way to introduce people to the exercise of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Bernice: Sunday morning was great!!  This was a really new experience for me doing Tai Chi in the open air, I would definitely recommend it to any age group, it helps you to achieve complete relaxation of mind and body. 

Val: I really enjoyed joining a group doing Tai Chi in the park (World Tai Chi Day) it was lovely to practice in the fresh air with such friendly people, thank you I am looking forward to the next Tai Chi day.

Glenis: What a great time! 2 hours of Tai Chi practice, this is the third time I’ve practiced in the park with a group and it felt really good.

Jean: The Tai Chi workshop in Palmyra Square last Sunday (World Tai Chi Day) was great, it was lovely doing it outside with the sun shining and the seagulls crying, the directions were clear so that everyone could join in.  It left us all feeling wonderfully calm and energized.

Jim & Amanda: Thanks Paul for arranging a wonderful Tai Chi session in Palmyra Square Gardens for World Tai Chi Day on Sunday, we both thoroughly enjoyed our selves and found it very relaxing.  Amanda has never done anything like that before but still was able to follow the moves fairly easy due to the excellent clear instructions given.  Weather was spot on. 

Peter: Just a great day of wonderful Tai Chi practice.  Looking forward to more, Thanks.

Jill: I thought it was brilliant, what a great way to spend a relaxing Sunday morning,  World Tai Chi for me was a great success.

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