Tai Chi in the garden is another huge success

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Open the chest movement from the Shibashi practice 

 Tai Chi and Qigong in the Garden  

Following on from the last success story of “World Tai Chi Day in Warrington”(see video) here was another Free event which was held for the first time in the beautiful landscaped setting of Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden.  The aim of this event was to promote the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong along with its many health benefits and also to promote the “Warrington Tai Chi and Qigong centre” as a centre for mind, body and spirit recovery and development.

The day got under way around 1.20pm with a brief introduction to the afternoons proceedings and some practical cautions, where by this time 18 people were eager to start Tai Chi and Qigong practice. Everyone who attended participating in a wonderful, healthy and relaxing warm up practice Dao-yin which was ideally suited for all ages and abilities lasting for 25 minutes which was then followed by a short break,

With everyone re-assembled, numbers had by this time risen to around 25 eager participants with others droping in throughout the day even the many onlookers who were passing through the garden were showing great interest in what we were doing.  We started the second session with my favourite,  wonderful healthy practice routine, Shibashi (18 movements of Tai Chi and Qigong). Some people attending were seasoned practitioners while others were totally new to this activity but all found this outdoor practice a totally exhilarating experience. After 25 minutes of practice took us to a second break where notes were made and shared on how participants were feeling.

After the second break everyone joined together to perform several rounds of a simple Tai Chi practice, Short Yang style Taiji routine, followed by a Tai Chi demonstration by myself of the short Chen style Taiji routine to the delight of the participants and onlookers. To complete the days activities everyone came together to perform an edited version of a Qigong practice from ancient China called Yi Jin Jing.  Everyone who attended the event commented afterwards that they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and that they felt fully relaxed, wonderfully exercised and energised.

My aim for the day was to give participants a pleasurable and healthy experience to take away and use when needed. I hope that during my short time in the walled garden I managed to inspire and motivate maybe just a few to take up the wonderful practice of Tai Chi and Qigong, but judging by the amount of requests I received afterwards “for more Tai Chi in the garden please” I think that I had done not a bad job and that I can say Tai Chi in the Walled Garden was another huge success.

What the participants thought: 

  • A wonderful experience- thoroughly enjoyable. 
  • A wonderfully relaxing, energising time was had, can’t think of a better way to spend my precious time off work.
  • So rewarding- now looking forward to the most peaceful sleep.
  • Had a most enjoyable afternoon in very pleasant surroundings with most beneficial Tai Chi exercises.
  • A very good instructor: I like the slow movements and feeling relaxed afterwards.
  • It’s a great experience doing Tai Chi outside, in this busy World we should take time out to relax and Tai Chi is a great way to do it.
  • This is my first time I have practiced Tai Chi outside, in a beautiful place too, this was a great experience, I would gladly do it more often outside, many thanks Paul.
  • Enjoyable experience, especially out in the garden – a good introduction to Tai Chi.
  • Nice setting, very informative.
  • Very enjoyable and relaxing, seriously considering taking it up.
  • Tai Chi in the Garden, lovely afternoon spent chilling out.

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