Qigong at Whitley Village WI:

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Whitley Qigong evening 

 A resounding Qigong Success:

On February 6th I was invited to deliver an evening of Qigong to over 60 members of the Womens Institute at Whitley Village, Cheshire, their monthly theme for February 2014 being” China”.

The evening started with my brief introduction  to the activities which I had planned, including a short overview film on Qigong. This was followed by encouraging as many of the WI  members to join with me doing a nice simple healthy Qigong practice (Shibashi), after all the chairs were moved aside.

Then, while they got their breath back, I demonstrated the five animal Qigong exercises (Wu Qin Xi) – followed by everyone joining in with a Qigong practice which involves systematically lightly patting over all the body, from the top of the head down to the lower legs in order to stimulate both blood and Qi circulation. This was done to some nice beaty classical music, which was really well received and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We then brought the evening to an end with a short chair- based seated meditation practice to calm everything down again. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and all felt very uplifted, inspired and balanced  as a result. 

Well done to all the WI members at Whitley for making the evening a great success and may i extend a really big Thank You for inviting me to your anniversary event to deliver Qigong, for more WI details visit www.whitleywi.org 







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