A Weekend of Holistic Wellbeing and Self Healing, 7-9 June 2013

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A view from the Mawddach to Whitehorses retreat and Dolgellu by www.paulhoughton.co.uk   For a wonderful Holistic weekend workshop, alongside the beautiful Mawddach estuary.

Holistic Practices to Increse Energy, Restore Health, Improve suppleness and Relax the Mind.

Activities planned:

Qigong: Eight – Section Qigong Exercises:
Learn a 900 year old set of Qigong exercise which has been shown to improve the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune system. dating back to the Song Dynasty. Ba Duan Jin exercise is broken into eight parts, each of which focuses on a different physical area. The routine enhances limb strength and flexibility of the joints while fortifying the nerves. can help in the treatment of illnesses. Practice over time will increase resistance to illness, prevent- disease and help prolong your life.

There are many variations and styles of meditation depending on the results required, meditation for health compliments the Eight Section Qigong Exercise which is a Yang practice, Daoist meditation is the complimentary Yin practice. For balance of mind and body we need both movement and stillness allowing us to gather fresh Qi in our centre (Dantian) after our Qigong practice.

Patting meridians:
An extremely enjoyable practice and is very simple learn, everyone regardless of age or ability can learn and benefit. Using soft rhythmic patting actions in a systematic way will help relax and open the body’s energy channels and blood vessels, release muscle tension, improve and accelerate the circulation of blood and Qi, feel invigorated with an uplifted spirit.

Reflexology is mainly applied to the feet, here you can learn a wonderful reflexology routine, which with minimum fuss, or the setting up of equipment, is very accessible when applied to the hands, if you have never received reflexology to your hands then you are in for a surprise. This is an ideal treatment for everyone all ages.

Head / Shoulder Massage:
Learn a therapeutic massage routine which works around the head, neck and shoulders, releasing tight shoulder and neck muscles, release tension and headaches general aches and pain of the upper limbs. Those thousands of people who have received this massage treatment know of the benefits from having received a head/shoulder/neck massage.

For booking details of this Holistic weekend inc fees etc, please visit www.whitehorsesretreat.co.uk 


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