Yoga Monday evening, now offers parent & child combo place’s (Children above 10yrs please) Liangong Shi Ba Fa Qigong: Tuesday mornings Liangong routine number 3 Tuesday evening Liangong routine 1 Shibashi – 18 moves of Tai Chi ~ Qigong Wednesday mornings 24 simplified Combined forms of Tai Chi Thursday evenings Details of the above routines […]

 Be Fluid. The art of Life, lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.

  Wishing you a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. All health and fitness classes re-start from  Monday 6th January 2014. Start planning your Summer now, with a weekly Qigong, Tai Chi or Yoga class You choose – from day or evening classes.    

  Tai Chi in the beautiful walled garden was another success:   This was Warrington Tai Chi ~ Qigong Centre second event at the Grappenhall Heys  Walled Garden. This year 17 people joined the class for what was a super afternoon, where all who participated agreed, were fully exercised, stretched, calmed and inspired, the exercises combined soft stretching movments with deep relaxed breathing. […]

A Students Profile (Ken Harrison) What was your starting point: I’m Ken Harrison aged 51, from the age of 11 I have always been involved in some form of exercise and in my teens/ mid 20’s had a successful judo career, British Champion, County Coach and Black belt 2nd Dan. However a few years ago […]

  Path to  perfection: A long time student told the master that he felt he was close to becoming enlightened. “Have you been practicing a long time?” asked the master. “Yes, master“ replied the student. “Have you been diligent in your work?” inquired the master. “Oh yes, master. Very much so“said the student. “One final question […]

Students Profile:

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A Students Profile (Rachael Robinson) What was the starting point? I joined Warrington Tai Chi and Qigong classes in March 2011 at the time I was a mature student embarking on a career change. I was approaching my final year exams on an undergraduate course studying nutrition and dietetics.  It was important for me to complete […]

Students and guests gathered at the Bold Street venue for the annual Warrington Tai Chi and Qigong centre’s Christmas demonstration 2012, “ no one was disappointed with the outcome”. I am pleased to say that all who attended the evening, joined in with the activities which lasted for 1¾ hrs, with routines such as: * The […]

    Bold St, Methodist Church as seen from Palmyra Square.           Good News: For my Yoga & Tai Chi classes held at Bold Street, Methodist Church venue, Warrington. As from 7th January 2013: All classes will now take place in the Main Hall 1st floor. To those who have used the 1st floor hall before, agree that this is a far superior […]