Liangong 1: (Qian Chi Kung) I will be teaching Liangong, Shi-Ba-Fa routine “Number One” At the following: Thursday mornings 11-12am at St Thomas Church Hall, Stockton Heath, Warrington and also Thursday evening 7-8pm at Bold St Methodist Church Hall, Warrington. “A therapeutic Qigong practice”  for the Treatment and Prevention of Physical Stress, Sprains & Strains. […]

Classes listed in the section “Classes” (located above) are all current for 2017. If you would like further information or confirmation when your chosen class re starts, or any general questions, please feel free to inquire I will be happy to help. Classes re-start from 4th January…. Classes include a period of Meditation and Quietude, enhancing the […]

Ancient Taoist Meditation Practice for Mind & Body. Beat Stress with Meditation, Relaxation is vital for your wellbeing. There are many reasons why one should take up regular meditation practice. Learning to meditate with Paul is so easy, benefits are on the physical, emotional and mental level, Once you learn how to meditate you will […]

   Tai Chi Class in The Park  Chinese exercising for promoting good health.        Regular Saturday mornings Planned for 2015 Tai Chi in the park, open to all who would like to practice healthy Tai Chi & Qigong in the open air. Suitable for all abilities from total beginner to experienced practitioner, everyone will find enormous health benefits from Tai Chi in the Park, irrespective of age […]

New Qigong Practices for 2014.   Health promoting Qigong Practices from Ancient China. Looking to learn High Quality Taiji & Qigong? Then look no further  we have two new sets of health Qigong practices for you to enjoy.   12 Step Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa:    A set of 12 authentic qigong movements from ancient China, consisting of carefully selected exercises taken […]

   A resounding Qigong Success: On February 6th I was invited to deliver an evening of Qigong to over 60 members of the Womens Institute at Whitley Village, Cheshire, their monthly theme for February 2014 being” China”. The evening started with my brief introduction  to the activities which I had planned, including a short overview film on Qigong. This was followed […]

     New for January 2014 – Lian Gong Qigong Shi Ba Fa  Movement shown demonstrated is “Spread Wings and Inhale” 3rd movement from the 3rd set of  Lian Gong Shi-Ba-Fa Qigong. The movement shown above has many wonderful healthy benefits these include: Exercise of the diaphragm muscle, expands the chest and abdomen muscles -making breathing more deep, increasing pulmonary ventilation and oxygen exchange, helps improve the cardio-respiritory […]

A Student profile: (Hazel Jolly) What was your starting point? I have been an asthmatic from birth having received no medication that really helped until I was 75. I also inherited an unnatural curvature of the spine and over the last four years have been visiting a chiropractor on a monthly basis hoping to control […]

    New Health Qigong Practice for Tuesday Mornings: A unique opportunity for you to learn A Classic Chinese Health Practice direct from Ancient China  “Wu Qin Xi”: Five~Animal Qigong Exercises Tuesday mornings 10-11.15  At Churchill Hall, Cooper Street, Runcorn Old Town    (See class scedual for venue details) Wu Qin Xi exercise dates back for over two thousand years to Ancient China, Wu Qin Xi Qigong […]