Classes listed in the section “Classes” (located above) are all current for 2017. If you would like further information or confirmation when your chosen class re starts, or any general questions, please feel free to inquire I will be happy to help. Classes re-start from 4th January…. Classes include a period of Meditation and Quietude, enhancing the […]

Ancient Taoist Meditation Practice for Mind & Body. Beat Stress with Meditation, Relaxation is vital for your wellbeing. There are many reasons why one should take up regular meditation practice. Learning to meditate with Paul is so easy, benefits are on the physical, emotional and mental level, Once you learn how to meditate you will […]

Autumn Offers:

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Buy a block term of 5 weekly classes this autumn and receive a 6th class for FREE At selected classes for you to enjoy this autumn, choose from the activity to compliment your lifestyle. Choose from Tai Chi, Qigong or Hatha Yoga practice, which ever you choose will incorporate a mindful meditation practice for a lasting life changing […]

 Be Fluid. The art of Life, lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.

   A resounding Qigong Success: On February 6th I was invited to deliver an evening of Qigong to over 60 members of the Womens Institute at Whitley Village, Cheshire, their monthly theme for February 2014 being” China”. The evening started with my brief introduction  to the activities which I had planned, including a short overview film on Qigong. This was followed […]

 If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon  in a perfectly useless manner:  You have learned how to live!

  The Zen Mind: A renowned Zen master said that his greatest teaching was this: “Buddha is your own mind”. So impressed by how profound this idea was, one monk decided to leave the monastery and retreat into the wilderness to meditate on this insight. There he spent 20 years as a hermit probing the […]

 The Teacher: A new student had come to a temple and been rude, arrogant, and disruptive. After a week, he told the master that he was leaving. “You are an absolutely horrible teacher, the worst ever!” exclaimed the student. The master smiled and said “It is a shame you are leaving, you are a wonderful one.”

  Season Offers:   Now is the perfect time for getting your mind and body into fit and healthy shape for Autumn & Winter time? Why not try a Monday evening Yoga class?  Which will help you to prepair for the Seasons ahead. Here are some Special Offers, which I hope you will like. Special Offer Price:-      take 8 classes for just £32                                   take 4 classes for […]