Liangong 1: (Qian Chi Kung) I will be teaching Liangong, Shi-Ba-Fa routine “Number One” At the following: Thursday mornings 11-12am at St Thomas Church Hall, Stockton Heath, Warrington and also Thursday evening 7-8pm at Bold St Methodist Church Hall, Warrington. “A therapeutic Qigong practice”  for the Treatment and Prevention of Physical Stress, Sprains & Strains. […]

    New Health Qigong Practice for Tuesday Mornings: A unique opportunity for you to learn A Classic Chinese Health Practice direct from Ancient China  “Wu Qin Xi”: Five~Animal Qigong Exercises Tuesday mornings 10-11.15  At Churchill Hall, Cooper Street, Runcorn Old Town    (See class scedual for venue details) Wu Qin Xi exercise dates back for over two thousand years to Ancient China, Wu Qin Xi Qigong […]

  Liangong Qigong Shi-ba-fa exercising.  Special Chinese exercising which promotes both fitness and health.    A new Qigong & Meditation Class starting soon!  Aug 2012 @ Loushers Lane Baptist Church, Latchford,   Warrington, WA4 2RP, 7-8pm Improve your flexibility, vigor and strength with authentic and interesting health Qigong exercises developed over thousands of years in China.  Liangong Qigong is a set of easy to learn health […]

Welcome to our new website! Over the coming weeks and months we’re going to be getting a lot more information up on the site about Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation and healing.