At Work

Liangong 1: (Qian Chi Kung) I will be teaching Liangong, Shi-Ba-Fa routine number one, Thursday mornings at Stockton Heath, Warrington  and also on Thursday evenings at Bold St Methodist Church Hall, Warrington. “A therapeutic based Qigong practice” for the Treatment and Prevention of Physical Stress, Sprains & Strains. For more details of this Unique but Brilliant Qigong […]

  Path to  perfection: A long time student told the master that he felt he was close to becoming enlightened. “Have you been practicing a long time?” asked the master. “Yes, master“ replied the student. “Have you been diligent in your work?” inquired the master. “Oh yes, master. Very much so“said the student. “One final question […]

Welcome to our new website! Over the coming weeks and months we’re going to be getting a lot more information up on the site about Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation and healing.