New Springtime Qigong Practice:

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  Springtime Qigong by  New Health Qigong Practice for Tuesday Mornings:

A unique opportunity for you to learn A Classic Chinese Health Practice direct from Ancient China

 “Wu Qin Xi”: Five~Animal Qigong Exercises

Tuesday mornings 10-11.15  At Churchill Hall, Cooper Street, Runcorn Old Town  

 (See class scedual for venue details)

Wu Qin Xi exercise dates back for over two thousand years to Ancient China, Wu Qin Xi Qigong exercises are based on observations and characteristics of five animals:- bear, bird, monkey, tiger and deer,

The exercises are designed to strengthen and tone the body and to still the mind, is suitable for people of all levels can be safely undertaken by all age groups and  levels of ability. coordinating breathing with movement for maintaining and improve health and well-being.

The aim of  The Wu Qin Xi is to enhance the functions of the internal organs, nerves,  muscles and bones while improving blood circulation to the extremities as-well as to prevent and cure diseases, is known to have remarkable effects on general health and stamina and, if that, if practiced regularly to reduce the signs of ageing.

Be the First in Runcorn and Warrington to learn this Ancient Chinese Treasure (Wu Qin Xi) 

For details of other Traditional Chinese Health practices which are taught at Warrington Tai Chi ~ Qigong classes, please email for details.


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