August 2012

  Liangong Qigong Shi-ba-fa exercising.  Special Chinese exercising which promotes both fitness and health.    A new Qigong & Meditation Class starting soon!  Aug 2012 @ Loushers Lane Baptist Church, Latchford,   Warrington, WA4 2RP, 7-8pm Improve your flexibility, vigor and strength with authentic and interesting health Qigong exercises developed over thousands of years in China.  Liangong Qigong is a set of easy to learn health […]

2012 carnival was another Great Tai Chi Success. I had hoped that we would be joined by children who i teach Tai Chi and who were going to demonstrate the Eight Section Qigong Exercises (Ba-Duan-Jin) but unfortunately due to the uncertainty of the weather on the day, this was not to be. However the sun did shine upon our demonstration which was accompanied […]


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in Words of Wisdom

   There are places in this world, places undisturbed by incessant noise, seek them out, they will assist you in becoming quiet.