July 2011

I returned to yoga after a couple of years break while I undertook other pursuits. I came back now with the knowledge that no other activity gives my mind and body the same benefit that yoga brings. The effect of yoga continues on after the session and compared to going to the gym, I look […]

Tai Chi & Qigong practice took place on Thursday evening in the park on a glorious mid summer evening with both beginners and advanced students. In this large group it was particularly empowering to be able to practice these postures and techniques together in the open – but this time with passers-by sharing in the […]

  Tuesday mornings are going to be a much more pleasant affair from now on.     For there will soon be a place that the people of Runcorn can go to unwind, recharge and improve health and fitness all at the same time, the place is called “Churchill Hall Mansions” Cooper Street, down in the old town […]


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in Words of Wisdom

  Zen Saying:   If you need to climb a mountain, Start at the top.

Gentle opening stretchig Tai Chi for all in the Old Market Place, A safe and enjoyable way to improve health and fitness by relaxing and releasing both body & mind.